Big Borther

Big Brother is the popular term for government control in my time.

With the UFO experiencers thee things seem to be here and now. But, it is not controlled by Government but by every human giving the money and the power to one group by way of shopping and need.

On the consumer level Ma Bell was the most feared government in my time.  All over the eastern US the common statement could be heard to watch out Ma Bell is listening.  This is because most of the adults in my era was veterans and they knew their Government was not out to get them.

Ma Bell how ever kept control of when they could talk to their own mother.

Now we sat in the year 2016 and the draft has been long gone, soldiers are volunteers from all over the world.  The new generations can’t tell the difference between Time Warner and the President of the United States.

First, Ma Bell is still here and still working on taking over you the consumer, She is now called AT&T.  I bet most of you didn’t even know that. Based out of Texas where the sky’s are filled with UFO’s like a blanket of clouds made of light and metals of all sorts. Most people are unaware of the control Ma Bell has over the information they share.

In Texas Ma Bell can and will alter your photos and take it so far as to alter family photos to make the consumer think they have a faulty memory or make that person think they are losing their own mind.

Money and Power is their goals and Ma Bell is really peeved at Uncle Sam over the family reunion in 1982 for insisting that as long as family reunions are at Uncles Sams house Ma Bell is required to allow all the family a plate at the table.  After this Ma Bell changed her name and set out to make the family reunions at her house.  Trouble is, Ma Bells house is a rented room in Uncle Sams housing complex, so the only way Ma Bell could make the reunion at her house was to take ownership of Uncle Sams housing complex.  Next issue is, Uncle Sam will not sell his housing complex. So then Ma Bell decides to start dealing with the owners of other housing complexes who dislike Uncle Sam. She petitioned her neighbors to dislike or at least understand Uncle Sam was not far, but at first the neighbors didn’t fall for it. Because they had already been bullied by Ma Bell. So Ma Bell started being extra nice to the neighbors that liked her and treating the neighbors that didn’t trust her very badly. Till all the neighbors pretended to like her all the time no matter what and their children learned to like and trust her.  So now we sat in the time when the children of Ma Bells neighbor live as adults in the complex and Ma Bells Children are the ones in control of Ma Bells apartment.

Now all Baby Bell has to do is convince the loyal neighbors that Uncle Same is unfair and wants them dead.

Uncle Sam being wise and getting old just puts the truth in a flyer on a table at the apartment interest and forbids baby Bell to remove it knowing that anyone who really wants the truth can just read it and decide on their own.   Uncle Sam has a lot to do and the family is giant, there is more than one family reunion every year and he still has to maintain all the apartment complexes the extended family resides in. In the years Uncle Sam has discovered the difference between truth and just honest information.  He allows all his family to acquire the truth from honest information.  That’s his job as head of the most dysfunctional family in America.

Baby Bell is desperate and tries to steal money from Uncle Sam to fund its lust for power.

The United States alleges that AT&T violated the False Claims Act by facilitating and seeking federal payment for IP Relay calls by international callers who were ineligible for the service and sought to use it for fraudulent purposes. The complaint alleges that, out of fears that fraudulent call volume would drop after the registration deadline, AT&T knowingly adopted a non-compliant registration system that did not verify whether the user was located within the United States. The complaint further contends that AT&T continued to employ this system even with the knowledge that it facilitated use of IP Relay by fraudulent foreign callers, which accounted for up to 95 percent of AT&T’s call volume. The government’s complaint alleges that AT&T improperly billed the TRS Fund for reimbursement of these calls and received millions of dollars in federal payments as a result.


Really!? Stealing from the disabled Americans, causing the working class to have to pay more in taxes to support what?

If this isn’t enough to convince Texas who is brushing out the UFO’s in their shared pictures and shutting down their PC’s and all other kind of high tech invasions of privacy crimes.  Hold on to your hat lone star.

AT&T legally owns you and every word you say and every breath you take… 🙂

In September 2007, AT&T changed its legal policy to state that “AT&T may immediately terminate or suspend all or a portion of your Service, any Member ID, electronic mail address, IP address, Universal Resource Locator or domain name used by you, without notice for conduct that AT&T believes”…”(c) tends to damage the name or reputation of AT&T, or its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries.”By October 10, 2007 AT&T had altered the terms and conditions for its Internet service to explicitly support freedom of expression by its subscribers, after an outcry claiming the company had given itself the right to censor its subscribers’ transmissions.Section 5.1 of AT&T’s new terms of service now reads “AT&T respects freedom of expression and believes it is a foundation of our free society to express differing points of view. AT&T will not terminate, disconnect or suspend service because of the views you or we express on public policy matters, political issues or political campaigns.

But found on their actual web site today 08/08/2016 s this in the agreement at

1.2 What are AT&T’s Rights to Cancel My Service(s) and Terminate My Agreement?

AT&T may interrupt, suspend or cancel your Services and terminate your Agreement without advance notice for any reason including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Any conduct that we believe violates this Agreement or AT&T’s Acceptable Use Policy;
  • Any conduct that involves the use of abusive, derogatory, insulting, threatening, vulgar or similarly unreasonable language or behavior directed at any of our employees or representatives whether it be in person, over the phone, or in writing;
  • Any abusive use of our network or Services;
  • You use your Device/Equipment and/or our Services for an unlawful or fraudulent purpose;
  • You use your Device/Equipment and/or our Services in any way that: (a) is harmful to, interferes with, or negatively affects our network, other customers, or the network of any other provider, (b) is harmful to, interferes with, or negatively affects our Services or operations, (c) infringes intellectual property rights of AT&T or others, (d) results in the publication of threatening, offensive or illegal material, or (e) generates spam or other abusive messaging or calling, a security risk, or a violation of privacy;
  • You resell our Services either alone or as part of any other good or service;
  • You fail to make all required payments when due;
  • Your credit has deteriorated and/or we believe that there is a risk of non-payment;
  • You refuse to pay any required advance payment or deposit;
  • We discover that you are underage;
  • You provide inaccurate or misleading credit information; or
  • You modify your device from its manufacturer’s specifications.

AT&T’s rights under this Section 1.2 are in addition to any specific rights that we reserve in other provisions of this Agreement to interrupt, suspend, modify, or cancel your Services and terminate your Agreement.

The altering of your phone would include blocking your provider from your personal files and photos. Preventing them from airbrushing out UFO’s and other things people claim the Government has been doing to their documents and photos.

So then, lets take a look at some key details on the customer agreement before moving on.

Unlimited Data Customers. If you are an AT&T unlimited data plan customer, you agree that “unlimited” means you pay a fixed monthly charge for wireless data service regardless of how much data you use. You further agree that “unlimited” does notmean that you can use AT&T’s wireless data service in any way that you choose or for any prohibited activities, and that if you use your unlimited data plan in any manner that is prohibited, AT&T can limit, restrict, suspend or terminate your data service or switch you to a tiered data plan.


2.2 Arbitration Agreement

  1. AT&T and you agree to arbitrate all disputes and claims between us. This agreement to arbitrate is intended to be broadly interpreted. It includes, but is not limited to:

    • claims arising out of or relating to any aspect of the relationship between us, whether based in contract, tort, statute, fraud, misrepresentation or any other legal theory;

    • claims that arose before this or any prior Agreement (including, but not limited to, claims relating to advertising);

    • claims that are currently the subject of purported class action litigation in which you are not a member of a certified class; and

    • claims that may arise after the termination of this Agreement.

Ok… that last one again? You agree that no matter what you will not sue AT&T with out calling them first and settling with one of their out sourced CSR’s required to give you a 25.00 bill reduction. Then they go on to give you the instruction as to how to take them to court after having you agree you will not take them to court.

So who is it that AT&T is afraid of seeing the UFO’s they air brush out? The highest paid UFOlogist are out of Texas and most of their work has proven to be Miss Information.

AT&T loves to set the stage so that everything is blamed on the Government. Every American believes it was the Government collecting phone data, but it was not. It was Ma Bell and Baby Bell, the Gov tried to put a stop to it. What did AT&T do to get you the American consumer to hand your underwear over to AT&T and turn on your own Government.

On the AT&T site its self, I could not find an actual privacy policy but and explanation of the privacy policy.

I found this statement about the privacy policy

On June 21, 2006, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that AT&T had rewritten rules on its privacy policy. The policy, which took effect June 23, 2006, says that “AT&T – not customers – owns customers’ confidential info and can use it ‘to protect its legitimate business interests, safeguard others, or respond to legal process

If you high-lite that statement and google search, you will find all kinds of references to it.

There are legal claims AT&T knowingly allowed criminal hackers into personal information of their clients. I am sure they did. They just figured Uncle Sam would get blamed for breaking into your apartment and stealing the pictures of your children but I am sure the ground freaks hacking for pictures and credit cards did not air brush UFO photos. So is Baby Bell going to skate on that letting the criminals take the fall for everything?  You bet your diaper they are.

These criminals have a firm hold over Texas for sure. They are playing the monsters due on maple street loud and clear.

So now the final point.

Look up all the companies AT&T owns.

AT&T’s consolidated revenues for the second quarter of 2016 totaled $40.5 billion

That’s a quarterly report not for the full year, yet in 2012 they tried to scam money out of the funds we the real Americans set aside for disabled Americans.  A company who makes 40 billion dollars in 3 months has such a need for money they are stealing from handicap people.

That in its self is sick.

The next question you have to ask, is what they needed the money for?.

Why air brush UFO pictures on people’s personal accounts? Are they connected to something in that sky they don’t want  public and by their own statement would not be to the benefit of the company?

They can’t guarantee service and are not responsible for the service you pay for yet charge the highest fees for service in the country.

Our Texas UFO reporters have reported air brushed images after up loading, connections going bad only after speaking of a UFO, all kinds of strange stuff that suggest the UFO’s are in control but only in control in AT&T owned areas.

Then there are other reports of stalking , planting evidence and even murder from all over the world.

Some Multi Billion Dollar companies dream of a coe putting them in charge of the world, using the consumer as their stepping stone.

Its not paranormal if you are aware of it.

Here is a cool site to check out 🙂


By Miri

Disney Games got hit

Alrittie then, I myself have let the idea of being behind some of the paranormal misinformation Disney. I do know when something gets to be as big as disney there will be groups wanting to take it down to make a name for themselves. I am surprised here wasn’t a report that a serial killer passed disney once and therefore a connection was made. This kind of stuff makes it hard to find the truth from the outside. Face it Disney is a target, a big bright glowing target.
Some paranormal stories have been acquired by Disney just before that person had something very bad happen to them.
Well then, if I am going to talk about onwe I have to talk about all.
This just in from the Disney games you play on FB. The question is, were they looking for more victims to make it look like Disney is the bad guy? In this case the victims would be old ladies and children. The facts that it was a disney site, they were likely looking for information on young people. They knew on a forum they would not get cc numbers.
There is a lot of different ways this can go. I wish they had used more than the local police. They still may, I hope.

Dear Guest:

Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media is writing to notify you about a security breach of the website. The privacy and protection of our guests’ information is a matter we take very seriously, and we have worked swiftly to resolve the incident. Included below are some steps that you can take to protect yourself against potential misuse of your information.

What Happened?

On July 12, 2016, we became aware that an unauthorized party gained access to the Playdom Forum servers. We immediately began investigating the incident and discovered that on July 9 and July 12, 2016, the unauthorized party acquired certain user information from the site.

What Information Was Involved?

The unauthorized party acquired the usernames, email addresses, and passwords for accounts, as well as the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses collected during user registration on Please be assured that the Playdom Forum website does not collect credit card numbers or other sensitive personal information, such as Social Security numbers. The investigation concluded that no other Disney websites or apps have been affected in any way.

What We Are Doing?

In order to protect our users, we have currently shut down the website and invalidated all user passwords for the affected accounts. We have reported the incident to law enforcement authorities and are cooperating with them. We have also launched new forums with enhanced security measures.

What You Can Do

If you use the same password on other online accounts, we recommend you set new passwords on those accounts immediately. Internet security experts recommend using different passwords for each account and electing passwords that are hard to guess. In addition, we will never ask you for personal or account information in an email, so please exercise caution if you receive unsolicited emails that ask for that information.

Other Important Information

You can still connect with others and our Community Development teams on the following destinations:
For Marvel Avengers Alliance Forums:
For Star Wars Commander Forums:
For More Information

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this incident. If you have any questions, please do not reply to this email, but instead contact us by sending an email to, or by calling +1 877-466-6669.

By Miri

Psychic Laws

Things get stranger every time I learn something new about society. I heard some states had outlawed psychic readings. But I was talking with someone about opening a psychic site. (I am not going to open a psychic site) So I looked up laws on psychic readings.
If its not illegal for a minister to charge thousands of dollars for a fake healing that took very little of his time, why is anything illegal at all?.
But one case really got me, A Roma psychic (Gypsy) was hired by a famous Love (soft core porn) writer as a personal private psychic who could not read for no one else.
Then when the writer was tried of the psychic, she had her tried and jailed for 10 years for doing her job.
This case was in Florida, a Caviet Emptore state. I am sure I didn’t spell that right. They said she got 10 years in Federal Prison.
(Brain, click, click , click) there is no way a person could go to jail for a psychic reading?… Need more research…

So then the hate dealers want you to believe all this is from just a psychic reading and refuse to post the whole truth. Romas want you to believe this is a hate campaign against Romanians.

TRUTH: they were getting people to bring them thousands of dollars they said they where going to cleanse and return to them. But they never returned a dime.

Wikipedia goes on to describe a lifestyle that I am sure is assumed and not validated.

Remember I said a million + times everyone is psychic, its just what you do with it that makes the difference.
We can look at other cases that the federal government was involved in that tells a whole different story.
From 1953 to 1973 the CIA had MK Ultra. Google it.
They claim it is still alive today under a different name.
Leading to the facts that the CIA shut down the stargate project in 1995. Google that too.

The reason for shutting down the stargate project was not because psychics where fake or because they were scamming people, but because
“CIA report concluded that it was never useful in any intelligence operation”
Not that it was fake or that it was a scam. Just that you could not convict someone from information you found in a psychic reading.

The Stargate Project was the code name for a U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency and SRI International (a California contractor) to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic applications. This primarily involved remote viewing, the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance. The project was overseen until 1987 by Lt. Frederick Holmes “Skip” Atwater, an aide and “psychic headhunter” to Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, and later president of the Monroe Institute.

Let your brain click on this for a bit……..
The CIA does research in mind control yet shut down research in self control and suddenly there are mindless, factless, rouge people out there with the intent to shut down all manner of individual thought.
All psychic ability, weather you use it for good or bad is the processes of being in total control of your own mind.

That’s why I love telling people to get in touch with their own. I don’t want to live in a world of drones for neighbors.

Click your brain on this,
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT).

Now the CIA allowed mind control experiments to continue for over 20 years. It is suspected they are still running this scam. But when they read the report on the United States Army stargate project after only 17 years they shut it down.

Their reason was it was not useful and had not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it worked well enough to be of use.

But MK Ultra had to be shut down by a group called the Church Group, the CIA did not want to let go of it. When you google MK Ultra it will also give you intell on the Church Group.
This fact leaves one to believe that the mind control experiments are very successful.

I don’t see mind control as evil, because they can only control a mind that is not already being controlled. But when they start implanting devices to cause control we are in a whole different world.
I understand that use of your mind is like a boat in some life situations. You have to work to pay bills and buy nice things and you just can’t hold onto every part of your brain at all times, like when you buy a boat to use on your days off , it sits unused for weeks then on your day off you get into it and ride.
While the boat is sitting you don’t expect someone to come along and use it just because your not, but just encase you lock it up.

If you don’t give your own brain the same respect you may end up finding your self on your day off on top of a building holding a snipers gun.

Be as open minded as you can, learn as much as you can, poke a few things with a stick, but know all the way to your soul who you are. Be in total control at all times with your own set of laws that you do not ever allow your self to break. It can be anything.

The 10 commandments are the best if its in your background. If not, there is something you were taught as a child to keep you safe, use it.

Secretly work on becoming psychic at night as you go to sleep or while waiting in line at the DMV. Teach your children everything you know.

In this document you can see who was behind bringing a top secret American research group to an end. Still today these cultures will pick one bad apple and condemn the whole profession. Just as if a waiter killed someone then all waiters must be killers. Take a look at these files then look at the origins of most of the debunking of psychic abilities. Its more like they are afraid of it rather than disbelieve in it.

You can find all the CIA documents on the stargate project here.